The Anvil Gas Stove With Gas Oven Is Popular in the Food Industry

Over recent years it has been noted that the Anvil Gas Stove with Gas Oven has become a sought after favorite catering equipment amongst restaurant owners. The Anvil brand is synonymous with quality and durability which are abilities that chefs require in a gas stove and oven. Chefs need catering equipment that will withstand consistent daily use without any hassles and the Anvil range of gas stoves with oven deliver that.

The Anvil Gas Stove with Gas Oven is appealing for many reasons and here they are.

The energy source of this unit is LP or natural gas which is readily available. You can purchase it in small cylinders or larger cylinders depending on your usage. Using gas means that you are not dependent on the electricity supply grid. Whenever there are power outages in your area, you can still continue to cook and serve your customers.

It is a sturdy unit with a robust steel construction and heavy duty door and hinges. This unit is 1050 x 790 x 900 millimeters in size. It is a solid stove and oven that weighs 260 kilograms and will endure for a long time.

It has easily removable cast iron grates and stove top burners. You can then wash the grates and the stove top burners separately while having full access to the stove’s surface for easy cleaning. For further convenient cleaning ability, the removable drip tray beneath the stove top is able to retain any spills which take place during cooking.

The thermostatically controlled gas oven takes full gastronorm pans and the oven is fitted with a chrome plated steel wire shelf. You can place the shelf at the specified height within the oven for your baking requirements. Then you can remove it afterwards to wash it, if necessary.

faber cooktop 4 burner This unit is fitted with cool-to-touch die cast control knobs. The knobs will remain cool to the touch during the cooking and baking process.

In addition, it has a built-in side storage cupboard on selected units for added packing space.

The Anvil Gas Stove and Gas Oven is safety approved by the LPG Safety Association. Ensure that you use a licensed technician to install this catering equipment for you so that you can enjoy the full benefits of it plus remain safe at all times.

The Anvil Gas Stove and Gas Oven is popular in the food industry because it is gas powered, it is durable, solidly constructed, has thermostatic controls and is approved for safety.

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